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Opti Coat – Ceramic Coating

Opti Coat – At Detail Express, we know proudly carry the Best 9H Ceramic Coating, Opti Coat. Opti-Coat Pro is a hard wearing, ceramic clear coat for superior resistance to scratching (9H) and protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts. This application helps keep your car looking new, your paint clean, and protects your vehicle from UV Damage, Oxidation, Bug Splatter, Tree Sap, Bird Droppings, and other natural occurrences that could damage your paint.

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Xpel – Paint Protection

Xpel is now one of Detail Express’s flagship products. We officaly carry Xpel, a paint protection. This is a clear film that we wrap on your car, that creates a hard barrier between your paint and the outside. If your looking to maintain and protect your car from anything the rough Michigan roads and weather throws at you, Xpel is the best option. Not only does it protect your cars finish from stone chips and debris, it also increases the value of your vehicle by keeping it free from paint damage, keeping your vehicle looking new.

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About Detail Express Keego Harbor

At Detail Express, in Keego Harbor, we offer a wide range of professional detailing services; ranging from a simple car wash to full interior/exterior detailing. We are the #1 Detailing Service in the Metro Detroit area, with over 25 years experience. Mini-vans, trucks, boats, RV’S, Exotics, Sport; we can do it all. When you choose Detail Express, you will receive professional, careful, and show-quality detailing services… Guaranteed.


We offer a wide range of detailing services, from cars, boats, and residential. Whether it be a wash and wax, or a full interior/exterior detail, Detail Express can make it show room ready.
Not only will your car feel brand new and clean, but also will help the quality of your car. By detailing your car regularly, it keeps it in great condition; Because the car that gets the wash, will last longer and look better than the one that is never kept up.


Look forward to more style, comfort and durability on the road.
Our tint makes your ride calmer, cooler, and much more stylish. With an automotive film selection as wide as the open road, we ensure you get exactly what you want; a head-turning look, powerful heat rejection, protection from UV rays, even defense against scratches.
Look after what you drive and those you care about. Our high performance automotive film, professional installers, and lifetime warranty are here to help make it easy.


As we are located in one of the greatest states for boating, its only right that we offer the best boat detailing around. Boat-owners ourselves, we know the difficulty to maintain a watercraft; as algae, debris, and other external factors can put a lot of wear on your boat. Detail express can take the quality of your boat to the next level, and make it look like it just came from the dealer.