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The best Detail Express is the one of the few certified installers of Ceramic Pro in Michigan. Never wax your vehicle again! Not just a glass coating, it’s a Ceramic Coating with Permanent Bonding !! Above 9H scratch Resistance. It stands up to 1200 degrees Celsius. Chemical Resistant. Super Hydrophobic. Extreme Gloss and color enhancement. Anti Graffiti. 

At Detail Express, we are now authorized to be a ceramic pro installer Michigan. We can now apply this premium paint protection to your vehicles.

About Ceramic Pro

Michigan ceramic pro installer

For those who want to maintain their cars to the upmost extent, ceramic pro is for you.

Ceramic Pro is permanent coating. The unique formulation of Ceramic pro has enabled it to be multi-layered, therefore the thickness of the coating can be increased with additional layers. This allows a thicker/harder film that will increase protection.

We offer the full installation of ceramic pro, at our shop in Keego Harbor, MI. We are one of the only certified shops in our state, and the top Michigan ceramic pro installer.

Ceramic Pro Installer Michigan – What Ceramic Pro can Do

Ceramic pro creates a multi-layered nano coat over the paint of your car. This protects the finish of your car from scratehs, dirt, debris, chemicals, and even UV Damage.

Not only does ceramic pro protect your vehicle from damage, but it also improves its finish and look. It gives your car a ultra-glossy look and touch, and will always look freshly waxed. After installation, it does not require any further waxing or application.

Another feature that comes with ceramic pro is its ability to make water “roll off” your car. If it rains, or if you are simply washing your car, this characteristic can clearly be seen. This ensures that your car will not gather water spots.

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