Paint Protection

Detail Express Paint Protection

At Detail Express, we offer paint protection. We apply a clear sheet of film to your vehicle, to prevent damage, rock chips, and wear on your paint. This is especially helpful in maintain the quality of the paint and the value of your car.

We are a licensed distributor of Xpel, a paint protection film producer.

XPEL Paint Protection

The garage door opens.

In front of you is your pride and joy.. It’s new and clean, and there is not a scratch to be seen.

Sure, you’re going to take good care of it. You say you will wash it every day. You’ll park far away from others to prevent mishaps. You’ll keep your distance from trucks on the road. And of course you’ll look out for the potholes Michigan will bring. But no amount of cautious driving can protect your car.

Stones and other road debris propelled by the vehicles in front of you, as well as bug splatter and bird droppings, inflict damage to the painted surfaces of your car daily. The day it hits the pavement, its factory quality days are long gone.

You could buy touch-up paint and try to fix the damage as it happens, but you’ll never get back to the flawless paint you had when you left the showroom. You could have the damaged area professionally repainted, but besides not being original anymore, it’s expensive; and the onslaught of damage will simply resume as soon as the car is back on the road.

Luckily, technology has provided a cutting-edge solution.

XPEL paint protection film works as an invisible layer of armor over your vehicles paint finish. XPEL’s crystal-clear polyurethane film is computer cut, from a database of precision templates specific to the make, model, and year; then safely bonded to the vulnerable painted surfaces, offering the up-most protection. XPEL is 100% safely removable on factory paint, and provides all of the protection you need with none of the peeling, cracking, yellowing, and blistering that can happen with other less-advanced films on the market.

Detail Express Paint Protection

Our Pricing

The price of this beautiful technology is as follows:

For Individual Wraps of the Car, please car for pricing. These include but are not limited to:

  • Hood
  • Bumper
  • Fender
  • Rocker Panels
  • Mirror Backings
  • Handles


For our packages, we offer:

A basic package(Starting at $600):

It includes the Front Bumper, the mirror backings, as well as the handles.

Complete(Starting at $1500):
The front bumper, the entire hood, the mirror backings, and the handles.