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Detail Express is known for window tinting; only carrying the highest quality of tint, Llumar. We are one of the top Llumar Tint Installers Michigan, as we rely solely on the best, Llumar Tint Michigan.

Let Detail Express, with a staff of high level, professional window tinters, take care of your car. Not only will window tinting your car add comfort and protection, but also ads style, and separates you from the rest.

For over 25 years, we have been making the cars of Keego Harbor, and the Detroit-Area, a better ride; We can do the same for you. Let the professionals at Detail Express take care of your ride.


Llumar Tint Installer Michigan | Llumar Window Film Michigan

Not only is Detail Express one of the most widely known tinting shops in Michigan, but exclusively carries Llumar Window Tint. Why? Simply put, Llumar is the best. It comes with a life time guarantee against bubbling, peeling, and discoloration. They also provide the highest UV Protection, and we are proud to call ourselves the best Llumar Installers in Michigan.

Stand Out

Stand out from the crowd. Tinting your vehicle will separate your car from the rest, giving it a sharp, defiant edge.


Adding tint to your car increases the comfort ability of your ride. It keeps glare out of your eyes, as well as reducing the temperature.


Tinting your car with our tint will block nearly 99.9% of UV rays. This helps protect the interior of your car, as well as your skin and eyes.

Our Tinting Services

Driver and Passenger Windows:$80

Two Door Car: $200

Four Door Car: $245

SUV’s and Minivan: $265

Large SUV’s : $300

Sun Belts: $45

Windshields: $115

Detail Express Window Tinting Keego Harbor | llumar tint michigan | Llumar tint installer michigan

Llumar Tint Installer Michigan | Llumar tint Michigan | Llumar Installer Michigan

Detail Express is one of the top Llumar window film installers in Michigan. For over 10 years,
we have been exclusively serving our customers Llumar Automotive Film Michigan, because we know it is the very best. If your looking for a Llumar tinter in michigan , come to Detail Express. llumar installer michigan